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Architecture, Interior Design & Construction.

We specialize in creating highly optimized layout for all our projects, resulting in spaces that appear larger than the actual built up. We pay a lot of attention in the sequence and flow of space in creating airiness and fluidity in the space.

A Team Made of Architects, Designers and Builders.

We are an architecture design and build company established in 2012 that is focused on creating high value, design oriented projects to meet the needs of our clients. We mainly delve in low volume, small structures such as private residences, office refurbishments and landscape projects.

We are comprised of talented, award winning architects and designers, with a team of competent builders to realize our designs. Our vision is to create a vertically integrated solution encompassing design, architecture, engineering and building to streamline the task of dealing with the multitudes of disciplines in the process of building.

We are also very conscious of the increasingly pertinent issues of sustainability in the built environment. As such, we only undertake projects that are located within established neighborhood with existing infrastructure, and avoid building over virgin natural sites. When dealing with natural environment, we design structures that lightly touch the ground to prevent any ecological disruption.

All our projects are imbued with passive energy strategies to minimize energy usage and dependency. We design secondary skins and thick envelopes to insulate the building against the sweltering heat. We utilize sun breakers and trellises to keep the houses cool. Our roofs have deeper overhangs to provide adequate shelter against the rain.

Our concern for the built environment is holistic. We don’t just design physical structures and spaces, but we sculpt the design of the landscape as well. We specify trees and shrubs not just to complement the house, but to offset the carbon footprint the structure imposes. For every house commission we take, we sponsor the landscape design as an incentive toward a carbon neutral environment.

Shield House

The Shield House marks a departure from the idiom of deep overhanging roofs with a modified vertical side roofline to give the house the added

Timber Veil House

The idea behind the Timber Veil House is to open up the living areas to the picturesque views at the rear, yet maintaining the desired

Live Play Work

Live Play Work is an office that focuses the idea of casual creativity, combining both formal and informal spatial layouts that foster cohesiveness and conduciveness

Sentinel House

The Sentinel House is a comprehensive refurbishment on an existing semi-detached house. The changes include connecting the living and dining space, relocation of the main

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